Solo Mis Maletas

August 6, 2012
A photo from my last (full) day in the U.S. of A.! This is a bus stop across from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.


That’s 3.2 bags, folks

These are my bags. I brought 113 items to Ecuador INCLUDING those three bigger bags. With much regret, I had to add an additional 23 items to my original list of 90. Regardless, the above picture comes with a marvelous story:

A homeless man came up to me, slightly stoned or intoxicated, or both, and said (with much innocent judgement), “Brother I feel you. But hey tell me your story, I hope YOU still have friends that will take you in. But I know your pain brother.”
“Um, I’m moving to Ecuador tomorrow…but I did get kicked out of my house!” (Does that count?)
“Oh. Well where are you staying tonight brother?”
I lied and said, “The Marriott, (ahem) brother.”




About Jarett Bigej

"It is impossible to eat an ice cream cone in a masculine way."
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