Mi casa y familia ecuatoriana

August-December 2012

César Cedeño and Caroll Coppiano-Cedeño along with their two children Carolina (26) and César David (25) are my host family here in Quito. I live in their home, a four bedroom apartment perfectly located in the city. My home is 20 minutes from the University, 5 minutes from La Mariscal (I’ve walked there in 15 minutes flat.), and 5 minutes from Parque Carolina. My home really is in a phenomenal location, and is essentially in the center of Quito, right between El Mitad del Mundo in the North, and Centro Historico in the south. I love it. In fact, my house is my favorite place in all of Ecuador.
Carol makes my every meal, unless if I’m gone on the weekends. In my house, one could expect to have breakfast within 5 minutes of waking up every morning. It’s remarkable. As well, because I leave in the morning and do not typically return until around 4:30-8:00pm, Carol makes my lunch to-go, while we talk over my breakfast. This is a thoroughly pleasant routine, plus it’s reassuring knowing that I will not starve. I look forward to every meal, which I suppose is not unusual for me. But, by far, dinner is my favorite. Soup, precedes a full plate of rice which has meat in a delicious sauce, and there is always second servings. Every meal is more delicious than the one before. I had assumed every home here in Ecuador had an excellent cook, but this is not the case. Several of my friends dislike their “parents”‘ cooking, so I know I am fortunate. Here is an interesting fact; Carol and César owned their own restaurant for 19 years. They served la comida del mar, or, food of the beach. Naturally, their food is heavenly now. In fact, the majority of the restaurants I have been to serve food less desirable than at my house! It’s splendid, and I am so grateful.
Next, I have my bedroom. It is of perfect dimensions and character. I have a closet, which has my dresser, which has my clothes and important documents. My double bed is next to a large, spectacular window, which takes up the entire far wall of my room. My bed is surrounded by a miniature table-like structure and a nightstand. It’s so great. Nearer to my door, I have a desk, a pleasant lamp, and another nightstand. It is incredibly comfortable, and incredibly perfect.
The apartment itself has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, laundry room, large kitchen, and dining room. It’s quite comfortable and really inviting. It’s just a great home. Safety hasn’t been an issue yet, either, and I am quite certain that it won’t be. There are two locks on the first door and a locked gate immediately outside that. Because we live on the 2nd floor, there is another locked door leading to the exit of the small building. Finally, the gated wall in front of the property also has a lock. If a thief had an entire 10 hours, he could possibly enter my home. But, thieves are too lazy for such an undertaking.
My house is always very relaxing and typically quiet. It’s common to hear my mama’s voice droning in the telephone in the next room with intermittent sporadic laughs that make me smile, too. It’s also common to hear the television, which is great for me as it is in Spanish! Laughter is also heard. Last night, Carol was laughing so hard. She ran down the hallway stomping her feet, clapping her hands, and taking short abbreviated breathes in between her tremendous giggles because she just couldn’t contain herself. My home is a delightful place and definitely worthy of my number one ranking. All in all, I could not complain about my living situation, even if I were a very talented pessimist.

Lastly, here is a photo of mis “anfitriones”, Carol and César, in the living room of our apartment. They are truly beautiful people.


Mis anfitriones increíbles


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