Personalizations and some FAQs

Dear family and friends,
I will continue to add your questions and my answers to this page, so feel free to keep them coming. Your interest in my life is touching and so meaningful. I hope this way of responding to your various questions is not too impersonal! You guys are all so great.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Questions of Any Frequency:

“How are you doing, Jarett?”
-I like life here more than I do in the U.S. of A! So, terrific.

“What have you been up to in Ecuador?”
-Dude read my blog! I’ll continue to update it weekly probably.
“Have you met any girls?”
-Yes I have, and they all love me, Tiana.
“What does the candy shop serve?”
-Oh gosh, so many irresistible delicacies. And they are all quite inexpensive, especially when compared to the USA.
“That is awesome u’ve met a guy from astrulialia does he have a cool accent?”
-She totally does, Tiana, just like Tristan I bet!
“Have you been winning in soccer?”
-I’m learning, more than anything. But I’ve learned quite a bit! I’ll teach you, Squirt.

“How is your family doing??”
-They are doing awesomely well. I love them more every day.
“Will you be living with them for your entire stay?”
-My mama asked that exact thing the other week. I actually can’t afford to live here next semester, so I will move out a day after school gets out.
“Do you feel unsafe ever?”
-I have yet to feel unsafe!
“Do you carry a knife around with you?”
-Actually, I carry two with me, everywhere I go, except soccer practices or games.
“Do you feel different being in ecuador?”
-I feel like my differences make me stand out more here, and therefore I feel different, in that, I am different, very different. However, this is normal for me, even in the States.
“What is the vibe of the place you are in?”
-Wow, I feel so many different vibrations constantly. It’s impossible to describe them all, but I’ll tell you about my favorite. When I get in a taxi, and the energy of the taxi driver makes me feel welcome and happy to be in Quito. It’s a vibe like, ‘Dude, so cool you like Ecuador more than the USA. We should switch places.’
“What does your school look like? Is it colorful?”
-It is beautiful. The many flowers and plants assist in this endeavor. The colors smell like colors, and I feel like it’s a safe refuge from the massive city outside its gates.
“Do people laugh a lot there?”
-My favorite question, Monica. There is so much laughter, especially in my house. Carol has the greatest sense of humor, and definitely one of the greatest belly laughs you’ve ever heard.
“What makes you happiest?”
-I enjoy playing soccer most. But, like always, I love making people smile or laugh from my crazy antics. This makes me happiest for I know my positive energy is shared at this point.
“Have you recorded any changes in your self?”
-I have, of sorts. Hopefully, my tiny and sporadic journal entries will make them clear in time.

“Your host familia has two kids how much older than you?
-Carolina is 26 and César David is 25. They both live at home as of now.
“Have you met them?”
-I have! I like them both tremendously, particularly Carolina. She has a heart of pure gold.
“How’s the language barrier?”
-It is not too bad at all, Becca! I expected to be severely troubled with this dilemma, but it has turned out to be unproblematic.
“How is it being in a country where everything is Español?”
-I love it. I wish there was less English speaking students, truthfully. I actually prefer speaking Spanish!
“What is your favorite meal thus far?”
-Anything and everything my parents make me. It’s incredible, and the food improves with each meal. They make delicious Maduros, which is like a plantain, except sweeter, but still less sweet than a banana.
“Ahhh Quito, so is this like a big city?”
-Inmenso. Slightly over 3,000,000 people!
“So you have made friends?!”
-More than I could count using my fingers and toes.
“How are your classes going?”
-I absolutely love learning. And I’m not failing, so my classes are going perfectly well.
“How many are you taking?”
-I’m taking one class, Monday-Friday, 9:00-12:30. It’s not too much, but it is challenging!
“Did you end up bringing a laptop or are you using school computers?”
-I ended up bringing my iPod, which I use mostly when communicating with family and friends. It’s a tad annoying, but it works! I have a limit of 100 hours on the school computers, and I’ve already used 10 for my blog, so this system will most likely continue!

“Are you able to converse well with your host parents?”
About 90% of the time I have no problems, but they definitely dumb down their vocabulary and sentences for me. Still though, I love conversing with them, especially mi mama.
“Have you met their kids yet?”
-Yes I have! They’re great kids, although a few years older than me.
“What all did you guys do in orientation?”
-We did a lot of sitting. We listened to lectures about the wonders, dangers, thrills, and other interesting things of Quito. The last part, though, we learned four different steps of salsa in the salsa workshop!
“Are you meeting people from all over the place?!”
-From all over the place. Alemania (you would love it, Meagan), Norway, India, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Canada, United States, England, Ghana, South Africa, and some!
“How was dancing?”
The dancing IS so much fun. Surprisingly, I suck at it, but no one ever seems to notice or care.
“Is the city cool at night?”
-The city is beautiful at night. My first experience with Quito was flying in at 10:00 at night. The lights were incredible. City life is always super fun, but sometimes too wild ad loud!
“how’s the language coming along?”
-I feel like it’s slower than it should be, but I know I’m making progress.
“are you learning things a lot faster there than you did in the states?”
-With Spanish, totally. With anything else? Well, I was refreshed on important dates in North American history today.
“how are your dreadlocks coming along?”
-GREAT question, but I don’t have any dreads yet! My hair needs to grow just a little more. Ask me that in a month.
“do they call it soccer or futbol there?”
-Fútbol. I am still wondering how the USA could possibly adapt american football from Fútbol. So ridiculous.
“Do you really want me to [come]?”
-When people say that stupid questions do not exist, I feel like this would be a good example to prove them wrong. Of course, you horse. I would love that.

“Estas vivo hermanito?”
-Si estoy mas de vivo, hermana.
“How long is your class/school day?”
-It’s only 3 and one half hours each day! 9:00-12:30!
“When you say you have been going out with friends, have you been out partying/dancing yet?”
-I have never had a worse hangover than I did on Sunday. So, yes? Too much.
“How did your HUGE presentation go on Monday?”
-It was great. Our class loved it, and laughed lots regardless of the boring material!

“What is transportation like for you?”
-Nana, this is a great question. Buses here cost $.25 per ride, no matter. Taxis cost a minimum of $1 and increase to about $7 at nighttime! For me, I take a bus anywhere and everywhere during the day time. I will take a taxi occasionally during the day, but typically only at night, as the price/safety differences will reason.

I love you all ever so much. Every one of you are so special and important to me. I’m lucky to have you all in my life. Now, please keep including yourselves in my life and keep asking more questions!
Tata for now!


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  1. Becca says:

    Thanks for answering all of the questions it was so much fun reading them!


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