Quotes, observations, thoughts

Observations and Quotes:
Quito is the (almost) double mile high city, so screw you Denver. Just kidding, I still like you.

In the United States, people only watch sports. In Latin America, people actually play sports.

Stereotypically speaking, Americans are supposed to be fat. Well done, America.

“Pobres no son los que tienen poco. Pobres son los que quieren mucho.”
-Presidente José Mujica, Uruguay

“Oooh spectacular! Look, he’s a gringo. I’m gonna charge him triple, then let him bring it down to double. Just to let him feel good.” (Paraphrased, of course)

The more poor the people, the happier they are to have anything at all.

There are hardly any insects in the city of Quito. I’ve seen no more than 20 in the last month and 7 days. Mindo, however, is another story. I saw 20 per squar inch.

I wonder what people are saying when they are laughing at me in Spanish.

I feel like Quito is constantly trying to find itself; sort of attempting to collect its identity. It’s such a wonderfully bizarre city really. Parts of it are entirely impoverished, parts of it as rich, oppulent, and as wasteful as southern California, and other parts of it still seem to attempt to identify itself with its indigenous roots and origins. It’s just difficult to pinpoint Quito’s character. Is that how a city works, though?

(To be updated…)


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"It is impossible to eat an ice cream cone in a masculine way."
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