El Teleférico Real – Quito

September 10, 2012

One sunny and brilliantly clear morning, a group of seven wanderers discovered a desire for adventure: a desire so extreme, not even Zeus could knock it. My friends, we went to heaven’s foothills at 4,200+ meters high. Our feet, however, were not our primary means of transportation. El Teleférico (or tram) de Quito took us from 3,100 meters to 4,100. So, that was our primary means of transportation. We mighty group of nomads covered slightly over 1,500 meters in one half day. Yes sir. The views were absolutely incredible, and I took the liberty of sharing these views with you below. The mountain air was spectacular, and I could absolutely feel the difference in my heart, veins, and body. It’s funny though, they say the air is thinner up above, but I say the people are thinner down below. Just a thought. But man, what a rush it was!

This adventure includes many great details. After the 5-10 minute ride up we ended up running into two other mates from our university at the top, so the fun just escalated. Also, they had met, in their car, a girl from Austria fluent in some 4 or 5 languages, so the now 10 of us went on, more or less together. There are numerous hiking trails (the memories of which are photographically recorded below) at the bottom of the mountain and the top of the tram, which are just great. So, we hiked! During this time, we had racing competitions (well, one lousy race), fascinating conversations, and sexy callouses, too, if you were the idiot hiking in flipflops (me).

After approximately halfway to the top of Rucu Pichincha (the 2nd highest of the two Pichincha peaks), I turned back as I had run out of water and my body was still fighting the plague. Still though, I accomplished being the highest ever in my life (about 4,400m). The majority of the group continued on to the top of Guagua Pichincha which protrudes to 4,784 meters. Massive. All in all it was a terrific day with memories a many.

The sights were simply awesome. I hope you’re able to enjoy the following photos which document this event. Be advised: these photos are copyrighted by Ecuadorian law, which means you could jack ’em and become a millionaire and no one would care.

Fotos de las Aventuras del Teleférico de Quito:

There we go, there we go again. Racing through the world!
(T’was just a short pleasant walk to the bottom of the tram.)

The obscured but still beautiful view from the bottom.
Note: we are about 100-200 meters above the major city of Quito

We be on dat soon…yo.

It was seriously a primo day for the tram and hike.
And how about that view??

This, along with the next two photos, are a panoramic view from roughly halfway.
Absolutamente genial

That cable still seems pretty thin


A rare case in which it is not rude to point

(I kind of ran regardless. Just to rebel.)

The nomads and their noggins
L-R: Stephen (Idaho), Cruz (NM), Spencer (NM), Gabe (NM/CA), Ariti (Germany), Lizzie (England)

Yeah, I know. This photo is just to prove I was there.

The mountain peak covered in clouds is called Rucu Pichincha, which is right before the slightly taller peak, Guagua Pichincha.
(Quito is in the province of Pichincha fyi.)



$5 to the first person with a good story explaining the purpose of those stones. (Hint: include cowboys, conquistadors, indegenous, and ancient Greek gods)

Many many more photos to come! Check back tomorrow.

Finally, we were all told that the mountain is closed promptly at 8:00pm. Because of this fact, the nighttime views are supposedly insane with the city lights. I will be back, and I’ll be bringing you all with me! Stay tuned.


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