El Mitad del Mundo

El Mitad del Mundo is incredibly photogenic. But, it is also incredibly misplaced. Check out a few pictures of the 2 buck 50 tourist trap, and incorrectly located monument.

IMG_1902 IMG_1903


The city of the center of the world was complete with this museum dedicated to Ecuadorian artists like the great Guayasamín



And why not an insect museum? Sweet!

IMG_1923 IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1932


Los sacerdotes indios, amigos de la universidad

IMG_1936 IMG_1943


Ever done a headstand at the center of the world?


Alpacas or llamas?



Beverly! Another británica loca that stayed with my family for a short season. We were tourific tourists together!



That’s not your average domesticated guinea pig. They’re wild, and wildly edible delicacies in both Peru and Ecuador


It’s a hoax! It has nothing to do with the pressures from the southern and northern hemisphere meeting. You can try this at home.

Upon visiting the above location FOUR times during my two semesters abroad, my pal Mack took the initiative to be an educated tourist and brought me along to visit the legitimate center of the world, a few twenty kilometers due east. That’s right: 0°0″0″. The place is called Quitsato. The fascinating part is the fact that the indigenous had constructed various sites like Quitsato that all correlated to positions of the sun, creating somewhat of a compass while utilizing various mountain peaks. I doubt they even had an abacus. Respect. Quitsato’s free, even, with an involuntary donation. I thought it was worth it!


IMG_0404 IMG_0368



El reloj solar. The Quitsato solar clock.

The shadow this hollow tube produces reveals the date precisely.

The shadow that this hollow tube produces reveals the time precisely.

IMG_0381 IMG_0380


Mack, trying to read the German entry.

Random photo of the new airport in Quito. It's there!

Random and irrelevant shot of the new airport in Quito. It’s there!

So, I ask you, which one are you gonna visit?


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