Der Donauradweg – Cycle tour

Der Donauradweg:
In my stories, as well as in Austria, a lot revolves around the Danube river, or “Donau,” in German. It serves many functions aesthetically, commercially, and entertainment-wise. She (German genders) begins in Germany, winds through lots of Europe and deposits itself finally into the Black Sea. Real tough work. Amazingly, by bicycle, we have traversed almost all of its Austrian banks from Passau, Germany to Vienna covering 320 km (almost 200 miles!). The magnificent bike tour included 7 different luxurious stays in various guesthouses and hotels in route. We were rained upon two of the six days of cycling. We obtained victory and also big thighs and thick knees. I personally had 5 near-death accidents with (mostly) radical cyclists. And most importantly, we had just tons of good laughs and great company with Lizzie, Paul, and Kathy (Lizzie’s fun, generous, and terrific parents). We even visited Mauthausen, an Austrian Nazi concentration/incineration camp. No sounds of animals or birds are to be heard, the latter of which are never in sight from the compound. Trust me, Jew wouldn’t want to go there. Also, to my immense gratitude and awesome amazement, we saw many many castles and even entered two more luxurious castles still in use for tourist-like functions. We finished the tour in Vienna, convenient for Lizzie and me. Annnd…. some photos!


Passau, Germany

Maria Taferl 3
Maria Taferl 4

The “Inn” river connects to the Donau (Danube river).





Maria Taferl 8

Maria Taferl 9

Maria Taferl 12

Maria Taferl 14

Maria Taferl 20

These silly parkas saved us on two very wet days

Maria Taferl 25

IMG_0344_2 IMG_0347_2

Maria Taferl 26

Maria Taferl 37


Maria Taferl 38

Jeepers creepers

Maria Taferl 39

Maria Taferl 40

Maria Taferl 50

Maria Taferl 51

Maria Taferl 53

Maria Taferl 56

Maria Taferl 58

Maria Taferl 59

Maria Taferl 61

Maria Taferl 62

Maria Taferl 66

5 km entirely uphill to Maria Taferl was indeed a challenge!

Maria Taferl 67

Lizzie actin’ busy up in da hizzy

Maria Taferl 69

Maria Taferl 70

Maria Taferl 71

Maria Taferl 80

Maria Taferl 82

Maria Taferl 85

Maria Taferl 87

Maria Taferl 91

Maria Taferl 96



Dlectable vineyard views at Wösendorf


Maria Taferl 103

Maria Taferl 113

Maria Taferl 116

Maria Taferl 117

Final wonderful evening in Vienna!


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