Buggl in Bach

Buggl in Bach is one of the most beautiful places in which I’ve ever existed. This strange name is one of a tiny mountain village where Lizzie’s parents own a beautiful cabin. Situated 30 kilometres from the Italian border with practically instant access to a ski basin, the mountainous views were extreme. Honestly, the views in Buggl in Bach were boggling. It is sweetly silent there except for nature’s nice noises. The tranquility of this place is truly surreal and indescribable. (German lesson #2: Bach, as in Johannes Bach, the musician and composer, was German, not Austrian. Mozart was Austrian, yes, but this is not a cultural lesson. “Bach” means, also, 1. (n) stream. Ergo, the translation for Buggl in Bach, if one existed, would be something like buggl in stream. Huh, not so useful, but there you have it!)

Anyhow, I had the utmost pleasure to visit Buggl four times during my stint in Austria. Christmas, included, was spent here! (Photo is below.) We even skied for two hours on Christmas day at the local ski basin, Simonhöhe, located 20 minutes away from their cabin.

All in all, Buggl in Bach has been my favorite place that I’ve visited thus far in all of Europe. Please, enjoy and partake in the following photos! I will miss you, Buggl!

IMG_0010IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_1352IMG_1358 IMG_1362IMG_1369 IMG_1376IMG_1373Joey and Lizzie and Jarett Christmas dinner


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