Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

The month of October in Albuquerque means to most natives and some tourists one thing: balloons. Giant, hot air, propane-fueled balloons! It is indeed, Albuquerque’s international Ballon Fiesta! I had been a few times already, but for Lizzie it was a new experience. As I have alluded to previously, Albuquerque’s transportation system is quite poor – particularly for a city – so Lizzie and I had little recourse but to cycle from our small apartment to the fiesta. T’was a thrilling 10 mile bike ride at 5:00am! (Don’t forget the ride home.) It was thoroughly worth the blood and sweat, however, as we were greeted by many billowing friends. The Mass Ascension (which was not related to Jesus or Moses, actually) was most remarkable. It looked like the movie Up, but in real, reality life! Anyhow, take a look, if you please, at our wiki wiki wicked adventure:

IMG_1040 IMG_1050 IMG_1052
IMG_1080 IMG_1093 IMG_1112 IMG_1132 IMG_1180 IMG_1205 IMG_1247 IMG_1256 IMG_1265 IMG_1270 IMG_1281 IMG_1312


It’s beautiful, isn’t it?? Lizzie’s favorite was our breakfast of a donut, cheese, and bacon sandwich. Smelled like America, tasted like heaven! Also, it’s a rather photogenic event. We took over 400 photos, phew! Hope you enjoyed some of them! Until next time, happy ballooning!


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