The Grand Canyon

January 10-11, 2015

What an absolutely amazing adventure this was! I had been to the grand canyon once already, but I was only 7, so I did not vividly recall its impressively immense proportions. Lizzie and I were stoked when my friend from childhood, Caleb, invited us on a road trip to the grand canyon, along with his awesome girlfriend, Christina (for whom it was a surprise!). Typical of Caleb, he organized everything.


Those eyes. Pure focus



After 6.5 hours of traveling, this was our reward! Hashtag foggygrandcanyons.


Then we drove around to another point on the rim and found a bit more clarity. Absolutely incredible



Caleb managed to get a wickedly good deal at a really nice lodge in Tusayan

Since the lodge was in Tusayan, we only had to drive about 10-15 minutes to get to the Canyon. It was great! A wonderful pool and hot tub alone almost made the 6.5 hour drive worth it! We went to bed after a delicious meal at a steakhouse agreeing to wake up in time for the sunrise over the canyon. At 6:35 we left the lodge and were rewarded with this amazing sunrise:



Thankfully it did clear up a bit later. So we did get some stunning views of this incredible beast of nature.

IMG_1888 IMG_1865 IMG_1875

This dog brings a funny story and hilarious close to our fantastic adventure. As well filled up the gas tank in Gallup, we noticed this dog. It had unforgettable saggy boobs, looked a bit unhealthy, and was certainly homeless. So of course we had to buy beef jerky for her from the convenience store. But then she wouldn’t leave us alone! As we turned the car around she ran out in front of the car and sat down, staring at us. This dog knew all the tricks! We decided that she was also a bit too spoiled by other travelers when out of desperation we gave her leftover carrots and she refused them. The horror! Of course, she ate all of our leftover chips and Pringles, though. Psh, you silly dog.


What a wonderful trip this was. Thank you Caleb for your generosity and for inviting us along this adventure in the first place!

In the event you’re reading this and planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, beware of that dog, 100s of beautiful elk incessantly crossing the roads at the grand canyon, and lastly, the consternating fog that blurs the canyons views for one weekend every supposed three years. But what enjoyment regardless!


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