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Verona, Italy

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Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 Verona, pronounced “Vedd-OHN-a” in a proper Italian accent (you’re welcome), is the city of lovers. On this point, however, I would like to disagree. Verona is one of tourists, rather. Lovers perhaps, but tourists nonetheless. Guiltily, … Continue reading

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The Italian lifestyle

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Most of March 2015 Lizzie and I help out with the “farm” chores as well as the house ones! I have made a few meals myself, and Lizzie a few delicious carrot cakes. And together, we made halibut with a … Continue reading

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A week of Italian anecdotes

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Starting with the all-lucky Friday the 13th of March, I present you with an entire week of Italian anecdotes. Come along for this wild ride! Friday, March 13th Marco, the really cool other Italian WWOOFer moved on to his various … Continue reading

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Innit Nature Neat?

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March 15th, 2015 It’s not a bad view from just a bathroom window, is it? That’s pretty neat!

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Italia, ecco!

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March 13, 2015 This moment just feels so right. Being outside, working in the earth and with plants, physical labor, great wine, incredible cheeses, Italian sunshine… Ah, I’ve made you jealous enough, I suppose! But this is really an incredible … Continue reading

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New York – Randomly!

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March 3, 2015 On our trip back to Italy from the U.S., Lizzie and I had a short trip slash long layover in NYC! We decided to have a wicked go of the enormous city despite the vicious elements and … Continue reading

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Dubai!! Part II

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January 26-29, 2015 What adventure thumping good times were had in Dubai! Continuing from Part I… I have decided that Dubai is an amazing but difficult city. While it truly is incredibly fun and exciting, there are vast disparities which … Continue reading

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