Verona, Italy

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Verona, pronounced “Vedd-OHN-a” in a proper Italian accent (you’re welcome), is the city of lovers. On this point, however, I would like to disagree. Verona is one of tourists, rather. Lovers perhaps, but tourists nonetheless.

V for Verona

V for Verona

Part of the castle wall that once enclosed this great city

Part of the castle wall that once enclosed this great city


Guiltily, Lizzie and I added to that statistic while in Verona this last Sunday. (I know, I know, yes. Even though we farm Italian land and speak the Italian language we still count. Just horrible, isn’t it.) So, after catching a quick fifteen minute train ride from a town near to Illasi, Caldiero, we arrived in Verona at noon, more than ready to tackle the tourism. We were to take full advantage of our one day off from farm work! There were so many sights to sight, places to place, and foods to food.

IMG_1863 IMG_1884 IMG_1875 IMG_1870

There are a large number of sites that the tourist particularly pays attention to. The roman amphitheater, Juliet’s house (yes, from Shakespeare’s Rrromeo and Juliet. I was also misled by Romeo’s name into thinking Rome was their city. But noooo, it had to be Verona.), the world famous arena (a small-scale coliseum), handful of bridges, museums, and castles… But we didn’t pay, no sirree, no attention at all.

Call us lazy or silly, but we missed most of them! Our lengthy but ultimately successful hunt for falafel was partially to blame for this. But we also just enjoyed exploring the various streets of this grand city. It’s quite charming really. The skinny streets, big fat gelatos, deep pizzas, one wide river, thick cappuccini, just wickedly vast views in general!



This is the amazing arena!! Concerts and operas still happen in the summer here

This is the amazing arena!! Concerts and operas still happen in the summer here

What with gelato and pizza incessantly staring at you, it’s no surprise we waddled around hopelessly distracted for so long. Lizzie doesn’t know but I was trying to get lost the entire time. I didn’t manage it very well unfortunately. They say that sometimes, you have to get lost in order to find your way again. It’s not very true that, actually not true at all.

IMG_1889 IMG_1880 IMG_1887IMG_1894

Lizzie took this beautiful photo:IMG_1904

And this one, too:IMG_1907

But I took this one of the most beautiful tree in the world: IMG_1913

At 18:20 sharp, or so (Italian trains…), we got the train back to… Nope, not our destination. That’s right. We took the wrong train. Should have bought tickets, you see, because we would have paid for and then boarded the correct train in the first place. Instead, we were witness to our stop, Caldiero, hopelessly rolling pass us. Thankfully, our wonderful host Anna was kind enough to drive to the next town to retrieve these typically talented foreigners. Moral of the story, pay for your ticket? Or, yeah, do your research.

Anyhow, what a lovely city Verona was! When (or if) you go be sure to stay alert to the infinite number of signs for all the sights! They make it (almost) foolproof. =)


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