Austrian Adventures

April 2015

Back in Austria we are! After three full weeks on the Italian farm, we were ready to respite. Of course, we had arranged it like so. And, in the end, the duration on the farm felt about perfect to us: simultaneously too much and not enough. Shame we hadn’t finished up with the olive tree trimming, but we were happy with our work!

While in Austria, Lizzie and I have been filling our days with many, many activities, too many to recount, but I’ll let you in on the best ones. In between gardening, ping pong, bicycle rides, and eating Kathy’s delicious food, we have made quite a few trips within Austria. We even managed a trip to Italy! All of that is to come, though. For now, I’ll stick to our latest adventures within the vicinity of Klagenfurt.

Check out their phenomenal garden:IMG_1981

I love it: IMG_0219 IMG_0221 IMG_2001

Garden work also included some mighty fine pond refurbishing! So proud of our labor, Kathy and (sometimes) Lizzie.
Before: it was just dark and murky with lots of soil that smelled pretty rank.
During:IMG_1976IMG_1998IMG_1994And after:

Not bad!

Not bad!

Also in Klagenfurt, Lizzie and her family have some really incredible friends: Wauki (“Vow key”) and Antony. In turn, they have befriended me as well. We go way back, actually. I met them in 2013 when I first visited Klagenfurt with Lizzie. Since then, I have experienced much with these amazing people.


A stunning hike with dramatic Austrian views with Wauki, Kathy, and Antony (and Lizzie!)


And, of course, we went cross country skiing with them in early February this year. So, yes, we go back a bit.

L-R: Colin (a friend), Wauki, Lizzie, Kathy, and Antony

L-R: Colin (a friend), Wauki, Lizzie, Kathy, and Antony


Here I should share, as well, some quick photos of our second cross country skiing trip to Valbruna, Italy, February 7, 2015. It was gorgeous beyond words:IMG_1411IMG_1401 IMG_1402 IMG_1407

But that was all before WWOOFing in Italy! So, back to Klagenfurt in April…

Wauki and Antony are ever so kind and welcoming. Using the excuse that their windows needed cleaning, they invited us over for lunch, and then paid us for our help afterwards! We were a migrant workforce: happy to do it for free, but coincidental beneficiaries of a benevolent system. That’s how it works, right? (It doesn’t.)

IMG_0122 IMG_0123 Anyhow, wonderful company they are, and a delicious lunch they served us. Thank you, you two! I will get back to more adventures with Wauki and Antony in a later post…

In total, Klagenfurt was my home for one entire terrific month. While this is simply home for Lizzie, I categorically impinged upon the graciousness of my hosts. And so, I am ever so grateful to Paul and Kathy for all that food, lodging, and putting up with me! For now, though, I must bid mine readers a farewell and gute Nacht. That is, goodnight!

Oh wait! One last thing: I got bit by a tick while in their garden. I thought I was going to die from all these diseases. But it just itched a whole lot and I made it through. Thanks for listening to my tales. For now, peace and love to all.


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