Austrian Adventures Pt. II

(More of) April 2015

This post will include our latest and greatest travels within stunning Austria this last beautiful month of spring: April. We have travelled a lot, actually! We have been to Buggl in Bach, Graz, and finally Vienna. View some, aight!

Buggl in Bach – April , 2015
First up is…. this magical wonderland. I’m convinced mountain fairies live here. When at Buggl, we are inevitably destined to have a great time. Typically, putting out bird food comes first, followed by a bit of housework, then a delicious and delightful dinner, and lastly a lengthy-if-I-play game of scrabble!

Buggl in its winter clothes. This is a photo from Feb!

Buggl in its winter clothes. This is a photo from Feb!



Hairy looking stately!



Lovely (and hungry) Lizzie


Graz, April 7-10, 2015
Next up, we have Graz! What a phenomenal city. It reminded me of a chill Portland where you’re only cool if you ride your bike. It’s kind of like:
“Dude I have a bike.”
“What? That’s so cool. I do too.”
“Aww man, that’s cool, me too man.”
The city is composed of impeccable bicycle routes and paths, a schloss (castle), slightly lame dance bars unless if you’re influenced, and of course, great friends. Lizzie’s good friend from high school, Juli, lives and works in Graz. Being just a two hour bus drive away from our current home, Klagenfurt, we had to go for a visit. You may remember her from another blog post from 2013. She’s a load of fun, completely crazy, and so very wonderful. Another of Lizzie’s high school friends, Pia, happened to be visiting the same week, so we all ganged out! (It’s a new phrase. I’m trying to make it big. Thanks.)




Hello Pia!

It was terrific ganging out with them, really. Staying with Juli at her place made it easy to see her, but we found ourselves meeting up at various cafes for coffees and cakes anyways! We also met up with Pia at the city’s beautiful central park. What a delightful day! We bought a gigantic picnic, practiced our acro-yoga, read, and stretched out on the grass. This day ended with a few beers and a night out! After a few drinks in the park’s pub (remember, you can drink in public from a can/bottle whenever you want in Austria!), we all left, heading to the next serviceable bar. Juli, who had ridden her bike to the pub, convinced herself that the small body of water alongside the footpath was bicycle rideable. It absolutely was not, so she got a nice drink and us a nice laugh! Juli is an absolute legend. She’s such great fun.


Right foot, slosh. Left foot, slop. Hilarious!


What I call Graz gazing.



Acro yoga. So much more difficult than it looks!


Goodbye Graz! I’ll leave you with this rather artistic shot by Lizzie

Vienna, – April 22-25, 2015,
Incredible how fast it all came back to me. The maps, the streets, the subway stations… Vienna hasn’t changed a bit. Good boy. Or are you a girl? Good girl. We had a terrific four days here gallivanting about in this ancient European urbanization, just like old times!
Lizzie’s brother, Harry, still lives and studies here. So, in addition to seeing some of our friends, we also got to see and stay with Hairy! (That’s a typo.) He was a generous host and phenomenal chef. He has an impeccable sense of spice and cooks accordingly. Really good!
Our first dinner:

It's 20x more delicious than it looks even. 

It’s 20x even more delicious than it looks.

On both Thursday and Friday when Harry wasn’t busy with his coursework, we went on a few awesome adventures. Lizzie, Harry, and I all share a common interest in the earth. Most of us do, I think! Anyhow, Harry is incredibly knowledgeable with plants and biology, and is a self-made botanist. With this in mind, we took a terrific trip to Vienna’s own Palmen Haus (hint: a home of palms)!IMG_0214 IMG_0174 IMG_0202


You can’t even tell what’s what what

IMG_0197 IMG_0185

The day after the Palmen Haus, Lizzie and I had to pick up a few items she had left in her old flat from two years ago! They were patiently awaiting our return. On the way there, Harry took us to a special foods store that uses no plastics nor nonreuseable containers. Imagine that! Harry bought some deliciously fresh milk which was just the snack after hanging out at an absolutely wicked park with a massive WWII flack tower in the center of it. No pictures, though! Just imagine its impress dimensions. After the park, and more milk, we got the underground to Lizzie’s old flat, picked up the goods, and prepared for the four hour journey back to Klagenfurt.

We had an outrageously fun four day stay in Vienna. Meeting up with old friends, passing time in cafes, eating scrumptious foods, and hanging out with Harry are all reasons Lizzie and I may return to Vienna to live this fall/autumn. Thank you, Harry, for memories relived, for all that delicious food, and for letting us share your child’s size loft with you. Seriously. You’re superb.


Well, this post concludes our Austrian Adventures for now. Thank you for reading! Please stay tuned for my next post of our adventures in… England!!!

With much love and vitality, Jarett out


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