Throwback Thursday Part I

This post is in commemoration of over 6 months since Lizzie and I were living in England, and subsequently 6 months since I’ve written a blog post. Please enjoy as I replay some great moments of our English adventure back then. Post Script, I’ll be adding some more recent adventures of England in Part III as well, since Lizzie and I were just there at the end of November helping her parents move back from Austria!

The tail end of our time in England last July was focused on finishing up our projects in the garden and at the house. Unfortunately, the last week was inundated by not uncommon scattered showers, so much of this work was put to a permanent halt. And instead, we went vagabonding, nomading, swashbuckling, gallivanting and etcetera: London, Southwold, and Cambridge!

London, a great cosmos of a metropolis, at last called our name right before we left in July. I was particularly excited as I had never been! You see, we had always happened to inadvertently avoid the city by managing to fly solely in and out of London Stansted, which is not entirely an accurate name as it is yet another hour until you get to London on the M11! SO. We got there. A quick hour train ride to Liverpool Train Station and voila! This:


So intense!

Aside from the train into London, Lizzie and I didn’t get a single other form of transport the entire day we were there, no bus, tram, trolley, or subway. This is the part of the story when you’re impressed. We walked probably over 8 miles that day.

IMG_3169 IMG_3175 IMG_3176 IMG_3180 IMG_3189 IMG_3194

Two cool fools

Two cool fools

Tower[s] of London

Tower[s] of London

Elizabeth Rose!

Elizabeth Rose outside Buckingham Palace!

IMG_3213 IMG_3222 IMG_3238 IMG_3244 IMG_3263

But walking along the river Thames with all of the sights and interesting people we didn’t even take notice of our quickening sore feet. Well, that is, until we got to Westminster Abbey when we realized we only had about an hour to walk back the 3 miles or so back to Liverpool station! Then we conveniently realized we had sore feet. But this helped give us energy. Beautiful!



Eyes in the Eye

We trotted back along the river Thames, with the sun still beating on our tourism-ridden backs. Recounting all the stories of the day gone by. Back to Liverpool Street Station we awent. It was so great with so many sights seen! Oh but London, only for a day to see is too little!

Wow sorry about that. I just went all Shakespeare on you. Anyhow, that will be all for now and now for all. Good cheer, good cheer, good cheer! And happy Thursday, dear!


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  1. lovelymuggle says:

    Always a pleasure to see your adventures:) ❤


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