Throwback Thursday Two

I generally have a distaste for such internet phenomena such as throwback Thursday, dat (insert any word here) doe, and smh, as examples. But when it gives me a way to organize a series of blog posts a whole six months coming… well, not everything passes me by! Enjoy this throwback Thursday part II!

In those last days in England, Lizzie and also managed a day trip to the seaside – Southwold, to be exact. It was my maiden voyage to England’s seaside. And indeed the English seaside differs drastically from the beach to which I was accustomed. But what a wonderful place! The incessant gail winds put the wind in our proverbial sails and gave us the energy to plumb the depths of Southwold!


The energy to plumb the depths of Southwold

A lovely stroll along the Southwold pier and boardwalk was just the event with which to start our visit. It was very charming.

IMG_3353 IMG_3356IMG_3354The pier was extraordinary with the apparent incredible views but also with a typical restaurant and a special building dedicated to a series of fully operating, all handmade, 100% unique arcade game machines. There was one in there that would allow you to take an artificial dog for a walk! Another took you on a rather stressful “vacation” where you would try to sit on an old couch in front of a telly during your virtual non-vacation. Such fun!


We then took a stroll along the beach until we passed most of the people and arrived to right where the dunes started to roll out. This, fit Lizzie decided was the perfect place for… a beach workout!


Following this exercise, as promised to each other, we went for a daring dip in the frozen ocean. It was so cold! Of course, the cool ocean breeze didn’t help upon exiting the waves… I’ll need a wetsuit or two if I’m going to try that again in England. Whew!


Then, of course, a stroll through the town resulted in nothing else but…




One last walk along the beach

Quite fathomably, Southwold passed with flying colors. Us swashbucklers were done being tide-waiters and we were quite happy we had thought how time and tide waits for no man. But hold your hats Southwold, we may have need again in just a couple of shakes for such a bolstering.

I shall end this tale with one last anecdote and a photo to go with it. Apart from fish and chips at the seaside one also needs ice cream. Sadly, however, we had delayed buying any until it was too late. The shops had closed. Thankfully a quick stop off the A12 changed this. But what a kerfuffle! At 2 pounds and 50 pence per ice cream, they were going to charge me double if I didn’t just buy the whole box of four at 5 pounds 20 pence. I took the box, thank you very much.


Thanks for reading, crowd!

Much peace and love until next time


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"It is impossible to eat an ice cream cone in a masculine way."
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