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Montañita, Round ∞

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Roughly 12 (ahem) months ago, Lizzie and I found ourselves once again in South America. Ecuador to be accurate. Montañita to be precise. Casa Cacique to be pedantic. Why? you might ask, and what is Casa Cacique? Both very good questions. … Continue reading

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El Mitad del Mundo

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El Mitad del Mundo is incredibly photogenic. But, it is also incredibly misplaced. Check out a few pictures of the 2 buck 50 tourist trap, and incorrectly located monument.   Upon visiting the above location FOUR times during my two … Continue reading

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Centro Historico

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El Centro Histórico de Quito is one of the coolest places in Quito. The history here astounds me, even though I don’t know most of it! And, I won’t bore you too much with what I do know. Like with … Continue reading

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El Teleférico Real – Quito

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September 10, 2012 One sunny and brilliantly clear morning, a group of seven wanderers discovered a desire for adventure: a desire so extreme, not even Zeus could knock it. My friends, we went to heaven’s foothills at 4,200+ meters high. … Continue reading

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Baños, Tungurahua, Ecuador

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September 14, 15 and 16 Baños de Agua Santa was radical. From start to finish, without exceptions. What follows is a chronological narration of the events of my favorite weekend yet in Ecuador. T’was an early rise Friday morning with an … Continue reading

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Quotes, observations, thoughts

Observations and Quotes: Quito is the (almost) double mile high city, so screw you Denver. Just kidding, I still like you. In the United States, people only watch sports. In Latin America, people actually play sports. Stereotypically speaking, Americans are … Continue reading

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Mindo, Ecuador

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1 and 2 of September 2012 Gorgeous green semitropical mountains, enchanting jungle-style hostel with hammocks galore, thrilling zip lines, ridiculously fun intertube-style rafting, far too much rum and coca cola, discotecas with the best salsa music around, relaxation with the sun at a beautiful creek for hours…. Ah. … Continue reading

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