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Most of June 2015 Our short stint here in England has been unlike any other stint we have yet experienced. I thought that such a profound introductory statement would do this post some good. Really though, our motives for moving … Continue reading

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Her Majesty’s Reign

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Some of April and most of May 2015! England First time in the United Kingdom and I’m stoked! Believe it or not (and I wouldn’t), there was even a sign at the airport that read: “Welcome to England: Land of the tyre (tire), … Continue reading

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Austrian Adventures Pt. II

(More of) April 2015 This post will include our latest and greatest travels within stunning Austria this last beautiful month of spring: April. We have travelled a lot, actually! We have been to Buggl in Bach, Graz, and finally Vienna. … Continue reading

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Austrian Adventures

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April 2015 Back in Austria we are! After three full weeks on the Italian farm, we were ready to respite. Of course, we had arranged it like so. And, in the end, the duration on the farm felt about perfect … Continue reading

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Verona, Italy

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Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 Verona, pronounced “Vedd-OHN-a” in a proper Italian accent (you’re welcome), is the city of lovers. On this point, however, I would like to disagree. Verona is one of tourists, rather. Lovers perhaps, but tourists nonetheless. Guiltily, … Continue reading

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The Italian lifestyle

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Most of March 2015 Lizzie and I help out with the “farm” chores as well as the house ones! I have made a few meals myself, and Lizzie a few delicious carrot cakes. And together, we made halibut with a … Continue reading

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A week of Italian anecdotes

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Starting with the all-lucky Friday the 13th of March, I present you with an entire week of Italian anecdotes. Come along for this wild ride! Friday, March 13th Marco, the really cool other Italian WWOOFer moved on to his various … Continue reading

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