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Ninh Binh

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November 21 and 22, 2016 After a month and some in Hanoi, Lizzie and I were more than ready to escape the air, light, and noise pollution and find some peace and quiet in rural Vietnam. Plus, I was getting … Continue reading

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How Hanoian

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13 October – 13 December 2016 Xin chào! Welcome in Hanoi! Where you from? How old are you? You like Vietnam? Hello! Thank you! I’m from America. I’m 23 years old. I like Vietnam. Directly from the airport, the mayhem of … Continue reading

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Montañita, Round ∞

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Roughly 12 (ahem) months ago, Lizzie and I found ourselves once again in South America. Ecuador to be accurate. Montañita to be precise. Casa Cacique to be pedantic. Why? you might ask, and what is Casa Cacique? Both very good questions. … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday 3

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On this ridiculously popular blog, people constantly ask me, completely mesmerized, “Jarett, what is your secret? How can you travel so often and so much?” I reply that one must simply fall in love with another of a distant land. The … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday Two

I generally have a distaste for such internet phenomena such as throwback Thursday, dat (insert any word here) doe, and smh, as examples. But when it gives me a way to organize a series of blog posts a whole six … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday Part I

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This post is in commemoration of over 6 months since Lizzie and I were living in England, and subsequently 6 months since I’ve written a blog post. Please enjoy as I replay some great moments of our English adventure back … Continue reading

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Viva Venezia!

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“If Venice had no bridges, Europe would be an island.” June 14-16, 2015 Somehow, and at some odd interval or another, Lizzie and I have found ourselves in the watery City of Water three times. Each visit we were welcomed by … Continue reading

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